Functions of the Ashanti Regional Co-ordinating Council (ARCC)

The ARCC derives its mandate from the following acts/statutes
Article 255 of the 1992 constitution
The Civil Service Law of 1993 (PNDC Law 327)
The Local Government Service Act, Act 462 of 1993
The Local Government Service Act, Act 656 of 2003
The functions performed by the ARCC as mandated by the Local Government Act, Act 462 of 1993 are

  • To monitor, co-ordinate and evaluate the performance of the District Assemblies in the Region.
  • To monitor the use of all monies allocated to the District Assemblies by any agency of the Central Government
  • To review and co-ordinate public service generally in the Region
  • To perform any other functions as may be assigned to it by or under any enactment
  • The ARCC also performs development planning functions as mandated by the National Development Planning (systems) act, act 480 of 1994
  • To provide the District assemblies with such information and data as is necessary to assist them in the formulation of district development plan