Ashanti is a unique region possessing abundant natural and human resources which can be exploited for the progress of the country.  The region’s central location makes it a nerve center for commerce and business activities.

Ashanti is one of the ten Administrative Regions of Ghana, Kumasi is the Region Capital and the 2nd largest city in Ghana.

It lies approximately between Longitude 00.15-20 25 West and Latitude 50-50’-70’ North.

24, 390 representing 10.2% of the land area of Ghana.

Most significant if the horse-shoe range of hills running eastwards.  The highest elevation is Kwamisa which is 766m above seal level.

Drained by Rivers Anum, Pra, Offin and its Oda tributary and Afram. Lake Bosomtwi, which lies 28km south-east of Kumasi, occupies an area of 47. 68sqkm.It is a meteoritic lake nearly circular in shape and measures about 10km

Relatively high averaging about 85% in the forest area and 65% in the savanna belt.

Voltaian sedimentary rocks confined to the north-eastern part of the region.  Metamorphic and igneous rocks found at the south and south western portions of the region.

The region has twenty-seven (27) Administrative Districts, the highest in the country.  They are made of.

1.    Kumasi                                        Kumasi                1432

Semi deciduous forest south of the mountain range.
Guines savanna woodland in north-eastern part of the region.

Forest and savanna ochrosols at the semi-deciduous and guinea savanna areas, ground water literate intergrades along the Afram River.

Average annual rainfall is about 166.7cm.  Two rainy seasons with May-June and October the peaks.

Average over 270c in the forest zone and 290c on the northern fringes of the forest zone.
MUNICIPAL ASSEMBLIES         CAPITAL               L.l
2.    Obuasi                                 Obuasi                1795
3.    Ejisu-Juabeng                      Ejisu                    1890
4.    Bekwai                                 Bekwai                1906
5.    Asante Akim North            Konogo               1907
6.    Mampong                            Mampong          1908
7.    Offinso                                 Offinso                1909

8.   Oforikrom

Has 39 constituencies with 840 electoral areas.  Kumasi alone has 10 constituencies.

Traditional Authority
The region has 33 Traditional Council Areas.  A Paramount Chief heads each council and all the paramount chief owe allegiance to Otumfuo, the Asentehene who is also the head of the Kumasi Traditional Council.