Investable Areas:
Agricultural production and agro processing
Agricultural potentials in the Afram Plains
Cultivation of rice, maize, cotton, tobacco
Beef, cattle, ranches
Cocoa processing
Ginger production and processing in AtwimaNwabiagya
Weanimix factory at Ejur Sekyedumase
Cultivation of Irish potatoes at Nsuta (Mampong) the farmers need financial support to grow the crops for the hospitality industry
Snail Canning-Asante Akim North
Processing of oil palm - Adansi North And South,  Amansie East Sekyere East  Asante Akim North and South, Ejisu Juaben
Fruit processing/ soft drinks
Industrial Starch
Sunflower Development
Soya bean/Cashew cultivation and processing

Potentials in the forestry sector
Establishment of private forest plantation
Downstream processing of forestry products
Production of Briquette (using waste material from timber ie sawdust and of cuts).

Extraction of Dyes (from roots and bark of trees)
Utilization of bamboos and canes

Mining and quarrying
Managanese and other minerals
Clay deposits (see 2.14 iii)

Establishment of Industrial Estate for Small Scale Industries
Investment in Tourism Assets