Organizational structure of the ARCC
The Ashanti Regional Co-ordinating Council (ARCC) is a statutory body established by the local government act, act 462 of 1993 and is the highest policy-making body of the region representing the entire political and administrative machinery of the central government at the regional level the council is made up of the following,

  • The regional minister as chairman and his deputy,
  • District chief Executives and presiding members of each district assembly in the region,
  • Two representatives of the regional house of chiefs
  • Regional heads of the decentralized departments (without voting rights)
  • The regional co-ordinating director as secretary

The ARCC is supported administratively and technically by a central administration and decentralized departments
The organizational structure of the ARCC

  • Administration and finance unit
  • Regional  planning, budgeting and co-ordinating unit
  • Human resource development unit
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Research and statistics unit
  • Local government inspectorate/ internal audit unit
  • Decentralized department